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Baumann Sideloader Trucks

With over 50 years design and manufacturing experience in all industries with long-load applications. Baumann are now at the forefront of electric powered Sideloader production, which now represents over 70% of their manufacturing capacity. With models spanning 3 – 25T+ capacity, working in every environment and continent; they offer all users an unrivalled level all of reliability, performance, visibility and operational value.

At DGP we have worked for a similar timespan with the timber, structural steel and plastic industries throughout Scotland, building up a group of very satisfied users operating the latest versions of Baumann product. Without question they have proved that the new ranges electric product can replace equivalent diesel units on full-shift, outdoor high-volume applications with all the improvements in emissions, reliability and running costs that result.

Find a Baumann unit to suit your long-load application below.

Combilift 4 Wheel Sideloader

Combilift 4 Wheel Sideloader

Combilift’s 4-wheeled, two-directional side loader, available with 5t and 6t load...

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Baumann GX 50-80L

Baumann GX 50-80L

Stability and strength are the two outstanding characteristics of these...

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“DGP are very good at ensuring the customer is satisfied, not just at point of sale, but throughout the term of the contract ”

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